Sunday, 6 March 2016

Watercolour Birds for Tsz Shan Monastery | Bird Paintings

Common Tailorbird
Great Egret
White-Breasted Waterhen
Common Emerald Dove
Common Kingfisher
Scarlet Minivet
Chestnut Bulbul
Black-throated Laughing Thrush
Chinese Hwamei
Yellow Bellied Prinia
Scarlet-backed Flower Pecker
Fork-tailed Sunbird
Japanese White-Eye
Collared Crow
Large Billed Crow

One of my bigger projects of last year, and also one of my favourites! Over 60 birds painted for the Tsz Shan Monastery in Hong Kong, for an exclusive calendar given to special guests.

Want to see how I painted these? Watch the video here:


  1. These are so beautiful! You never fail to inspire me, Holly!

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