Monday, 15 June 2015

Beachcombing - Seaside Illustrations for Housing Development

Today I'm sharing a set of 30 illustrations I created for PegasusLife for a new development planned in Dawlish, on the Devon Coast. These illustrations will be used across multiple applications – including national and local press, marketing publications, digital marketing, and potentially site hoardings. So it's pretty exciting!

These paintings were made with the intention of being blown up quite large (almost human sized!) - which is a pretty exhilarating prospect. But, as these things so often go, movement on this project has been very, very slow. So currently I'm only able to share the paintings in their "natural state". I hope you like them!

Red Crab in Watercolour

Feather Illustration

Message in a Bottle

Shell in Watercolour

Shell with Barnacles

Open Shell in Watercolor

Starfish Illustration in Watercolour


  1. Oh wow! These look really great! One of my favourite things about summer is seeing what pretty things I can find on the beach.

  2. I love your watercolour artworks. Just shared them on my website and Facebook.

  3. Your collection of Seaside Illustrations for Housing Development is pretty much impressive. I have got the idea from you that we can use this unique stuff for house decoration also.