Friday, 16 January 2015

A Video Diary | My New Year 2014

This week I was able to tick something off of my to-do list that I've wanted to try for a while, but which has never quite been 'important' enough to justify. I'm sure many freelancers feel the same - that after working on commissions, communicating with clients, invoicing, organising accounts and managing a shop, there's often not much time left in the day - time, that is, that isn't needed to complete other activities necessary for life, such as cooking, eating, laundry etc.

But praise be to January, the sleepy month. The month I'm imagining all art directors are snoozing at their desks, recovering from Christmas and planning all the ways they're going to commission me later in the year (....) This down time has meant I've finally had the chance to start a Youtube channel, after being an avid Youtube fan for about 5 years now. I've made my first video, a little video diary of my New Year trip to the coast, and I had a surprising amount of fun making it. It was refreshing to work with new software and learn some basics, and a whole lot of fun to piece together the footage I'd taken. It's like telling a story, moment by moment, and in a completely different medium to what I'm used to.

 Please do have a watch (bump it up to HD!) and leave me a comment on my youtube channel if you so fancy.

I've got a few more videos planned in the near future, some that will be more illustration related, and some where I *might* even speak to the camera, so please do subscribe to my channel, if you are also a Youtube fan.

Thanks for reading (and watching!).


  1. Loved your video Holly, the three of you looked like you had a lot of fun camping. Looking forward to more.