Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Illustrations for United Arrows Japan | Watercolour Illustrations

I was so pleased when United Arrows got in touch with me again to ask me if I would like to produce some more illustrations for their new catalogue. Of course, I said yes (YES PLEASE!) and above are the fruits of my labour.

I was asked to paint 11 Johnston of Elgin scarves plus the iconic printed label, plus a "handbag grid" (new terminology for me) and a rather mysterious monkey keyring dressed in costume. Lastly I painted a pair of shiny boots, which reminded me very much of a since lost ink painting I produced on my art foundation course.

You can find previous work for United Arrows here.


  1. Beautiful work as usual, Holly - very fun to follow you!

  2. The tartan scarves!!! Would you be allowed to sell that as a print on Etsy?
    I lived in Scotland for a while once, part of me gets homesick sometimes...

    1. Sure! I will put them on etsy if you'd be interested? Any particular one that youre interested in?

  3. love these! especially the scarves and the first image.


  4. Gorgeous illustrations, Holly! I especially enjoy the plaid scarves!

    - Lizz
    Smile a little at my blog here :]