Tuesday, 5 August 2014

One Month with Quentin | My new Pug Puppy

If you aren't following me on Instagram or Twitter, there might be the slight chance that you've missed the storm of photographic updates about the new love in my life. So he's making his official debut here on my blog.

Blog readers, meet Quentin.

Quentin was born on the 11th of May 2014, into a family of 7 pugs, including his three sweet sisters, his mother Abby and step uncles and aunties. Meeting him for the first time was like a dream - it was probably the most realistic example of love-at-first-sight that's ever been recorded. He was tiny, very wiggly, and had chubby little back rolls. He played for a little bit on my lap, softly mouthing my hand, before falling asleep. My first encounter with a pug snore.

Meeting Quentin
7 weeks old

The following week I got to take him home. The drive home was interesting. I cried a little, feeling a) guilty for taking Abby's only son away from her and b) like this was a dream coming true. (Quentin weed on me twice in the car, but I didn't care one bit.)

I've wanted a dog for the longest time. Some people fantasise about getting married and having kids, all I've ever wanted was to paint, and have a dog for company. The idea of an animal as a companion, one with which such a strong bond can be made, is just my dream. People stress me out, social situations stress me out. With a dog, it's not about your topics of conversation, or your opinions, it's about your ability to love. As cheesy as that sounds...

The first night at home
8 weeks old

Bat dog, 10 weeks.

Having said all that, I have to be honest and say that my first month with Quentin hasn't been quite the dream I envisioned. It's involved setting my alarm for every 2 hours through the night to take him outside. It's involved excrement, on my hands, as I reached into his bed in the middle of the night. It's involved washing the entire contents of his crate at 2 in the morning. I could go on, but I fear this would just be a paragraph about poo, and nobody wants that.

However, since turning 12 weeks this Sunday, things have got easier and I feel I'm finally enjoying having a puppy in the house. Yes, he still chews everything in sight, but he's calmer now he can explore outside, and now that he's used to the other members of the house, including my rabbit Hergé.

12 weeks

The idea of "a Quentin" has existed for about a year. Every time I saw a black pug (a Quentin) in the street, I would squeal behind my hands. He's just the dog for me, and I'm so happy he's finally here.


  1. Funny how that works.... last time we got 2 puppers at one time... brother and sister. just about the time that I was crying over cleaning up poo for so long... they "got it". I'm sure your Quentin will be one of the best things you've ever done!

  2. He is amazing. I am beyond happy for the both of you!

  3. You'll love it even more when you can take him with you for walks, holidays and even some business meetings. People always talk to you with a dog and he'll make everything more fun and he'll ways be overjoyed to see you! A good decision Hollibobs!


  4. I follow you on Instagram and I love all the pug pictures! I think Quentin's adorable and I completely agree with what you said about owning a puppy - it really is all about your ability to love.

    Smile a little at my blog here :]

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say I love your work so much. I studied Printed Textiles about 10 years ago, but I left art college with a Diploma because I couldn't complete due to personal reasons. I have just applied to top up to BA Hons in Illustration (fingers crossed I get in) because its illustration I really love. I hope you continue your series on being a working illustrator it will be really helpful. Your puppy is gorgeous, we have a 15 week old black Labrador puppy and we love her to bits, even if she does chew everything she can get her paws on lol. Thanks for being so inspiring. Valerie xxx