Monday, 2 June 2014

Vintage Teacup Tin for Marks & Spencer | Watercolour Illustrations

Last summer, I was approached by Marks & Spencers to work on a new design for a biscuit tin. This was a bit of a career moment for me. I remember when Emily Robertson did those amazing large scale paintings for the foodhalls, and thinking for the first time how much I'd like to work with M&S. They always seem to commission fantastic illustrations for their food and homeware products. To be asked to add to this repertoire was such a compliment!

And finally, after nearly a year of waiting, the tins have reached the shops. Naturally myself and most of the people I know are stockpiling them whenever and wherever we can, so apologies if you can't find them in store (!) , but I recommend you buy one because I'm kind of in love with them.

The teacups have a 3D element to them (I wonder what the technical term is?) which I am very taken with, and the cream background just adds to that vintage feel. Sadly, I didn't paint the typography, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I should also mention the biscuits inside are the perfect tea time biscuits. Chocolately, coconuty, buttery.

Let me know what you think - have you spotted these in the shops yet??


  1. Incredible Holly :) I aspire to produce work for M&S too - you must be soo proud! These tins are absolutely gorgeous - I'll be on the look out for them, especially as I would love to buy one! I am surprised you didn't paint the typography as it really looks like something you would do. Oh, I think the 3D effect is called "embossing"?

  2. So amazingly gorgeous! I will buy them just for the tin :)

  3. well done holly, love these so much! you must be so proud. still trying to convince my boyfriend to buy a tin so i can have it, haha. would do so myself but i have no money/income currently.

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  5. Wow, those are so breathtaking. Super cute design! You are inspiring me to break out my watercolor paints! :]


  6. The prettiest biscuit tin I have ever seen. I need to buy one now. Well done. You must be very proud!!