Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Tesco World Cup Twitter Campaign | Watercolour Illustrations

Last week I worked with Tesco on a trial twitter campaign for the World Cup, producing illustrations to be tweeted pre match, for the Spain v Holland match, and the Italy v England match. Hopefully, I will be producing a few more of these, as there are few things I love more than painting food (contrastingly, there are few things I hate more than football!). But we shall see.

Hope you like them!

My Cover Illustration for Lionheart Magazine

I'm excited to unveil my very first cover illustration, for the fifth issue of the lovely Lionheart Magazine!

The blurb:

"This is the Home issue. Writing, art, books, nature, family, travel, illustration and photography are all used to explore the meaning of the word home, resulting in a deeply thoughtful and truly beautiful issue. Issue five features the home tour and interview with The Pippa and Ike Show’s, Lianne, a Dutch native who has transformed her Victorian Bristol home with her husband and children to a bright, open space, full of imagination, play and folk/European chic!

We also meet House of Habit, a family of six who embrace summer and discovery in California, together with their beloved RV. The photography is by Denise Bovee, and it’s very special. There is an interview with NYC based five-piece band, Lucius a melodic, 60s-inspired indie pop band you can hear, here.

Faye West explores sketching and life drawing as a real human connection. Hannah Bullivant has moved from London to the country with her family, how has this changed her vision of home? Jess Furseth recommends some inspiring books and interviews the artist, Alicia Eggert. Olivia talks home style, Lara Watson finds home is travelling, Lou Archell finds it outdoors and Lottie Storey builds a map around home.

There’s also so much more… not to forget the absolutely incredible cover by Holly Exley, which alone deserves a frame. Hope you love this issue as much as we have loved putting it together. Home and heart, you know, they go together pretty well."

Please go buy a copy - support a creative and independant magazine, and read a little something different.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Vintage Teacup Tin for Marks & Spencer | Watercolour Illustrations

Last summer, I was approached by Marks & Spencers to work on a new design for a biscuit tin. This was a bit of a career moment for me. I remember when Emily Robertson did those amazing large scale paintings for the foodhalls, and thinking for the first time how much I'd like to work with M&S. They always seem to commission fantastic illustrations for their food and homeware products. To be asked to add to this repertoire was such a compliment!

And finally, after nearly a year of waiting, the tins have reached the shops. Naturally myself and most of the people I know are stockpiling them whenever and wherever we can, so apologies if you can't find them in store (!) , but I recommend you buy one because I'm kind of in love with them.

The teacups have a 3D element to them (I wonder what the technical term is?) which I am very taken with, and the cream background just adds to that vintage feel. Sadly, I didn't paint the typography, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I should also mention the biscuits inside are the perfect tea time biscuits. Chocolately, coconuty, buttery.

Let me know what you think - have you spotted these in the shops yet??