Monday, 31 March 2014

Painted Toys! | Watercolour Illustrations

Last week I had the pleasure of working on a lovely private commission, painting two well-loved toys as a gift for a customer's niece and nephew. I thought this was such a lovely idea - I would have treasured a painting of my favourite childhood toy, immortalised on paper before it got too mucky or sent to a charity shop.

Raff the Giraffe

Rara the Zebra

 I liked the idea so much in fact, that I've added it as a custom listing in my etsy shop. You can now commission me to paint a precious toy as a gift to yourself, or friends and family. Click here for more info! As always, I would so appreciate if you could share this with anyone you think might be interested - I'd love to paint more cherished objects!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monkey Key Rings for United Arrows | Watercolour Illustrations

A selection of the 20 key-rings painted.

I feel very privileged to have worked with my very first clients in Japan last month. United Arrows Ltd are a big chain store in Japan, carrying clothing and accessories, as well as a huge assortment of home-wares. Naturally, being Japanese, the products are achingly cool, and I was pretty flattered to be asked to contribute to the aesthetic of the brand.

The key ring illustrations are currently being used for the 2014 Spring and Summer Styling Edition - a beautifully designed in-store magazine featuring fashion spreads and articles.

The catalogue.
Watercolour illustrations.
My full-page spread.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bird Nests in Watercolour

 One of my first editorials of the year was a brief for VIP magazine, to illustrate the most common birds nests you can look for in your garden. This was a great project as I got to learn lots of interesting facts about nests as I worked - did you know that robins are inventive with their nest locations - and have been known to build them in kettles, cars and even coat pockets?

Goldfinch's nest
Songthrush's nest
Dunnock's nest
Chaffinch's nest
Blackbird's nest
Robin's nest

I hope you enjoy this series of paintings - they are for sale if anyone is interested, just send me an email at

*Update* Here are the illustrations in the editorial spread. So pleased!