Friday, 7 June 2013

Mini Chef Character | Watercolour Illustrations

I recently worked with an undisclosed agency to produce illustrations to be used on food packaging for an undisclosed international airline.

The brief was to create a miniature chef character, to be shown tending to various fresh ingredients that would be included in the food products.

For me, this project was a little bit out of my comfort zone - I tend to steer towards realistic faces and bodies. However, on this occasion I'm quite pleased with the end result. In particular, I think the compositions are varied and successful, the food looks tasty, and I like the varied poses of my mini chef. I'm sure that with more practice I could become more comfortable with this type of brief.

In the end, the client decided to go with stock photography (yuck). As with most big clients, there is the tendency to play it safe which I find understandable, if a little disappointing. As always, I was paid for my time, and I now have these pieces to add to my portfolio.

Please do let me know what you think of my mini chef!


  1. It's a shame they didn't use your work - it's great and more fun & interesting than photos I think!

  2. WHAT!? How could they not pick these!!? They are nuts because these illustrations are so captivating and whimsical. I wonder when big corporations are going to get the memo that people regard stock photography as cheesy and outdated...

  3. Nice aubergines! Clients need to see the light eventually and stop casting your work aside.

  4. Aww, these are great! It's a shame they weren't used :(