Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Food Illustrations for Traveller Magazine | Watercolour Illustrations


Here are some images from the June edition of Traveller Magazine (EasyJet) featuring my 6 page editorial.

As some of you may know, I recently quit my day job - and this was one of the first jobs I took on as a full time illustrator, a significant one perhaps. I seem to have acquired a succession of food related commissions since becoming full time - which I can't really complain about. I love the challenges of painting food, the textures, colours, shapes, light - and capturing these elements in a way that makes the food both recognisable and appetising.

You can read an extract of the article here (don't worry - I have requested a credit!)

And if you'd like to view the illustrations in more detail, find them here.

As always, I really appreciate your feedback - please leave any comments below!


  1. Nice work and congrats on going full time. My fav is the onions in the last image!

  2. These are just fantastic, I remember your food paintings were the first of your illustrations I actually saw. The colours of your work are so vibrant and the way you create has a lovely fluidity to it. I still love looking back at your breakfast food post.

    Also that's incredible news about becoming a full time illustrator, really cannot wait to see more what you create!

  3. they make me hungry. good job! :)