Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Watercolour Portraits | Hindu Goddesses

Hindu goddess portrait in watercolour
Recently, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to paint a lot of faces - my favorite!

This was a project for an independent client, creating illustrations for a range of distinct aromatherapy perfumes - specifically used in conjunction with yoga and to promote spiritual well-being. I was commissioned to paint the Hindu goddesses that would represent the different scents in the range, to then be used on packaging and promotional materials.

I wanted to paint goddesses in a fresh and vibrant way ; I noticed that the existing imagery of Hindu goddesses is pretty ancient and often quite surreal, so I focused on more modern characters. I wanted these to be faces modern women could relate to.

Another watercolour-ed goddess.

There was a subtle colour scheme running through the range which I used to create each goddess. Furthermore, I felt it was important to reflect the traditional characters of the goddesses - for example Durga is worshiped for her strength and empowerment, so I aimed to paint a face that was both beautiful and serene. Parvati represents love, so I gave her a wistful expression.

You can find all of the goddesses here

Below are some ideas I had for incorporating the portraits into some of the packaging designs, without swamping small containers.

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