Friday, 10 May 2013

Farmyard Animals | Watercolour Illustrations

About a month ago I was approached by an iconic British textile brand (which shall remain unnamed) to produce some illustrations for a summer gift collection, based around the theme of 'County Fairs'. This would include illustrated crockery, prints, printed textiles and stationary.

Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, the project got pulled. I've been left with these illustrations of different breeds of cow, sheep and chickens. I actually quite like them though, despite the associated disappointment, so I'm adding them to my portfolio and displaying them proudly.

As a lovely silver lining, I have actually been working on a new and exciting project off the back of this. I can't reveal anything about it just yet, but I can tell you that it involves SHEEP!

Some of the original paintings are also being sold at the Yellowstone Art Boutique in Stoke On Trent.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! Really pretty illustrations.
    Han x

  2. Can I ask how well your Etsy shop does? I'm an artist too and I'm interested in selling some prints. Where do you print them?
    Thanks! Han

  3. They are really beautiful. Well done!