Monday, 23 December 2013

A-Z of Autumn Watch | Wildlife Illustrations for The Sun

B for Badger.
E for Eel

I for Interactivity.
J for Jokes.
K for Kids.

Q for the Queen of Wildlife aka Michaela Strachan!
O for Outdoors.
W for Worms.

Z for Zzzzz.

 A little while back now I worked on a double page spread for my regular client The Sun's TV magazine, to produce illustrations for an A-Z of Autumn Watch. Above are a few of my favourites.

It was a pretty manic work schedule from start to finish, as I had just 48 hours to produce 27 full colour illustrations, but I decided to accept the challenge mainly because I just loved the brief. Painting wildlife of any kind is something I relish, and this brief allowed me to produce work that was both realistic and a little playful ; I really enjoyed mixing wildlife studies with fun paintings of wellies, tadpoles in jam jars and jeweled crowns.

I will always remember this commission as one that taught me to paint faster and worry less. With such limited time there really was no other choice - but it reassured me that I can work under pressure and still produce work I'm happy with.

The final spread.

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, 13 December 2013

More Food! | Watercolour Food Illustrations

A few new paintings for The Sun's TV Magazine. The meatloaf shaped like an American football was a challenge, and the pasta made me very, very hungry!

Pesto chicken & roast vegetables

Chilli con carne with nachos

Football shaped meatloaf on a bed of brocolli

Cheesy pasta four ways

Healthy chicken stir fry

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Illustrations for Wool Week | Watercolour Illustrations

Last week Wool Week was celebrated across the globe, educating and celebrating the processes, practices and uses for wool and the animals and people involved. Campaign For Wool is the charity responsible, and along with it's patron The Prince of Wales, the organisation raises awareness of the benefits of wool amongst consumers by hosting fun events such as 'Knit Nation' and 'The Big Draw'.

I was asked to paint some of the most prolific breeds of sheep in the wool industry. These included the Merino, the Shetland, the Romney and the Lincoln (all of which were new to me!). My illustrations were then used as part of the excellent re-brand by graphic designers Matt&Dan in a whole host of different formats, from in-store merchandising, to information boards and shop window displays, as well as online, and printed materials.

This was a great project for me, fundamentally because I love to paint animals! This was a brief that allowed me to get stuck into the specifics of the different breeds, and create paintings that celebrate the woolly beasts, in a style I saw fit. Initially I worried this might be tricky as sheep aren't exactly the most colourful of animals, but actually it was great fun depicting their textured coats and cute little faces.

In-store at Jigsaw
In-store at John Lewis

At the Royal Academy of Art, in front of a flock of Merino sheep!
Information boards at the Royal Academy's 'Big Draw' event
The sheep were used across London in shops such as Topman, John Lewis, Pringle, Lyle & Scott, Jigsaw, Warehouse, Jaeger and Liberty, as well as at the Royal Academy and the Chelsea Design Centre.

I'd love to hear from anyone that participated in Wool Week, or saw any of my illustrations. Where did you spot them? What did you get up to?

Friday, 4 October 2013

Pudding paintings! | Watercolour Illustrations

Chocolate beetroot cake with edible flowers.

Blueberry pancakes with honey.

Red toffee apples.
Some recent paintings for The Sun Newspaper that really made me hungry.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Watercolour Bird Illustrations | British Birds Editorial

watercolour bird illustration

watercolour bird illustration

watercolour bird illustration

watercolour bird illustration

watercolour bird illustration

watercolour bird illustration

Recently I got to work on something a little different. A double page spread for VIP magazine - the magazine from the pets store chain Pets At Home - about British garden birds and what to feed them. It was a refreshing change from all the food based commissions I've been working on lately (although please keep them coming!) and interesting to work with a border style layout.

What do you think of the end result?

Food Illustrations for The Sun Newspaper | Watercolour Illustrations

Sesame salmon noodles.

Roast rib of beef with all the trimmings.
Sweet chilli prawn noodles.

I'm very happy to announce that I have my first weekly editorial job - painting the favourite home-cooked dishes of the celebrity world for The Sun's TV magazine. As you may have noticed, I adore illustrating food so I'm extremely excited to be involved in the newspaper's redesign- and hope I will be for some time to come.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

World Food Illustrations for Voyeur Magazine | Watercolour

Recently I was contacted by Voyeur magazine (the inflight magazine for Virgin Australia) to produce ten illustrations of iconic national dishes.

American Hamburger

Chinese Xiao Long Bao

Sri Lankan Egg Hopper

French Gateau St. Honore

Australian Meat Pie

This was a really enjoyable commission to work on, one which allowed me to hone my skills in food illustration. It was wonderful to illustrate such vibrant and interesting dishes, and a challenge to produce them for such a short turn around - and to clients on the other side of the world!

For this reason, I'm not yet able to show these illustrations in print, as I'm still waiting for the magazine to be posted across to me - but I'm really excited to see it, as it's my biggest editorial commission to date - in terms of how much work was involved.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Mexican Tacos

Japanese Ramen

Spanish Paella

Italian Ragu

Please do let me know what you think of my work, share it if you like it, and if you're on Behance, you can support the project by clicking the button below (please click the thumbs up on the project too!)

Thank you!