Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ode to the Internet | Things I've Found

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I spend an awful lot of time online. Checking emails, Facebook and Twitter has become part of my morning routine, and I'd go as far to say I treat my Instagram and blogger feeds as bedtime reading.

I am constantly amazed by the internet. Yes, there are many things to hate - porn being a good example, trolling being another - but it is also such a hub of creative energy, documentation and community based activity that the positive out-weighs the negative.

I'd decided to make this a feature on my blog every now and again, when the internet decides to bowl me over, and I just have to share. And so I present to you some of my favourite recent discoveries.


An explanation. Blogs are arguably my favourite internet outlet, probably because there is an endless wealth of blogs focussed on what I love to read about: illustration, painting, artistic lifestyle, travel, crafting, vintage, handmade, cooking etc.

Although there are some issues within the blogging world I have a problem with (namely, WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT?! ) my reading list is ever growing.

Blogs by other illustrators are what I'm most likely to follow, as they inspire me to create.

I've raved about the creative internet community countless times - but it really is like a substitute for the creative environment you encounter during university or college. It's a chance to see your peers at work, celebrate their successes and experience panic when you realise how good they are (!).

My favourite blog of the moment: a recent discovery, and fairly new blog: A Future Present 

Run by illustrator and textile designer Leah Reena Goren, it's a truly dreamy blog following the set up of her new apartment, and equally dreamy life with creative boyfriend and a new kitten, no less.


An explanation: For me Youtube is like my TV. And I don't mean that I watch television programs from it, because I rarely do. I mean that I have "programs" that I "tune into" every week, and it's my source of entertainment whilst I'm working from home. Also, a lot of what television has to offer just doesn't interest me at all, I'd much rather be watching homemade programs by real people on Youtube, talking and filming real things.

I'm a big fan of 'vlogs' (video diaries) which I know is kind of nerdy - but I enjoy watching people's every day lives from around the world, and I think theres a lot to learn from that. I love listening to individuals put forward their opinion on something and how the rest of the Youtube community responds to that. There are a lot of pretty intelligent people on Youtube, saying pretty thoughtful things.

This is one lady that I really like, because she's a bit crazy and has bleached hair. Not at all like me. No.


Yes, it gets a lot of stick. Because adding a fake vintage-y filter to your photos is a little pointless, and no one needs to see your lunch, but I quite like having a browse. It's like a photo album from around the world, refreshed every day.

Plus. Some people have seriously cute pets. Like this lady:



An explanation: Before we go any further, I should tell you: Pinterest is dangerous. Setting up an account is like signing away hours of your working day. Pinning is addictive, it's like making a virtual mood board of endless possibilities. Even if you don't pin that much as soon as you're on the site, the war against time wasting begins - and you're going to lose. It's a battlefield of cute outfits and amazing artists and delicious recipes and ingenious craft ideas and breathtaking design and gorgeous interiors and...

You see? Even describing it is a time drainer.

Some things I've found recently:

Animal drawers.
Peanut butter, chocolate and banana milkshake. My dream.
Hand drawn shirt.
Hankies as art!

Have you found anything recently that you'd like to share? Please leave interesting links in the comments section - I need more distraction in my life!

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