Monday, 21 May 2012

A Birthday and a Rainbow Cake

Seven bowls of cake mixture.
White chocolate icing.
The look of concentration.
"Is it just me or have party rings shrunk?"
Double veggie burger with cheese and caramelised onions.
My broccoli salad.

This Sunday was my sister's 22nd birthday, and we held a BBQ in her honour. I spent most of my Saturday mixing bowls of coloured cake batter and erecting sponge layers (which left me exhausted for work that evening!).

And here is the fruit of my labour, in the form of a very dense, very colourful, seven tiered cake.

If you'd like to try making a rainbow cake, I recommend this recipe by food blogger Kerstin Rodgers aka MsMarmitelover. I'd certainly heed her advice regarding colouring though - powdered or gel colours are worth buying as they are formulated for baking. The standard liquid colours I used aren't really suitable for cake mixtures - something I'd avoid the next time I try this!


  1. wow it looks amazing! it's like a pastel version, and that icing looks delicious too X

  2. Everything looks soooooo beautiful, AND delicious! (That cake should be in a magazine!) Now, of course, here it is, 8:00 AM, and I'm craving broccoli salad. That's just not fair. ;)
    xo Deirdre

  3. Looks incredible! she's a lucky girl x

  4. The cake looks awesome, as does your broccoli salad!