Friday, 20 January 2012

Secret 7 - My Entry | Watercolour Illustrations

So...below is my entry for the Talenthouse Secret 7 Competition. I do usually avoid "competitions" that involve artists competing to be the winning entry unless a) theres a lot of money involved to make it worthwhile or b) it's for a good cause because I just think, if you want a new design, why not just commission an artist the normal way?!

BUT, having said all that, I think Secret 7 is a really great cause, and kind of worth the effort. Here's some blurb:

"Secret 7" is an exciting project combining music and art in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Seven bands and recording artists (Florence + The Machine, The CureDJ ShadowBen HowardCSS,Noah and The Whale and Bombay Bicycle Club) are inviting creatives to design the artwork for a seven inch vinyl sleeve inspired by one of their songs. The project will culminate in 700 unique vinyl sleeves displayed in Idea Generation Gallery in London in the week leading up to Record Store Day 2012. On that day, each of the vinyls at the gallery will be available to purchase with all of the profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust."

So, without further adieu this is my submission. I'd really appreciate all the votes I can get, so if you like my design please do vote/like/support and share it with whoever you think will be interested. Thank you!

Vote for my design >>>here<<<


  1. Lovely! I can't find the button to vote?

  2. I see what you mean! I think you click "Support Holly" Bit confusing! :)

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  4. Hello dearest Holly,

    I read your posts and I truly feel connected with you. I'm an illustrator and I use watercolor as well:) You can visit me at
    I'm preparing post about the illustration industry the way I know it and I hope to post it soon.
    I love your work very much, you're incredible and very original.

    I also took part in SECRET 7 and Florence+The Machine. Same as you, I hardly ever take part in competitions like that, but it was for one of my fav bands and the money goes to charities. I'd love you to support me here :

    Big thank you for that!

    Keep working. Let's keep each other accountable. Every day a little piece of watercolor.

    Mucho love — Marta

    1. Holly, please, remove my first comment—sorry for that!