Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Moving Out | Bristol to London & Back Again.

Making my way to my 4.35am coach to London.
Old memories to be boxed up - look at our delightful faces (!).
My room in the roof.
The delightful sights of Walthamstow, from my bedroom window.
Bubble wrapping.
Lots of painty plates to clean up.
This guy has moved in already.
Driving home in dad's noisy van.

And there we have it. I'm back in Bristol for a new year. I hope this year goes well for me, and that it's the right choice for me to come back. I have lots planned with my work, and a few announcements to make once I get myself settled (exciting). 

My work space is slowly getting there, and does look rather nice, even though I say so myself! I will be posting photos shortly, so you can all have a peak around, and I've also been working on a food illustration project, self initiated work for my portfolio, so I'll put the images up very soon.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. broken stuff is an issue with many movers, that i can deffinately add for you. well.. actually my previous moving companies easton pa