Monday, 16 January 2012

Art School Days

Today I spent a bit of time clearing out all of my old 'creations' dated back to GSCE Fine Art, and let me tell you, it was rather cringe-worthy! There was a lot of smudged charcoal, a lot of dodgy collages and just generally awful studies and ideas collected together in plastic folders. In one way it was encouraging to see how far I've come, but on the other hand it was worrying - was I really that terrible?!

This is a self portrait in oils I painted at Art College whilst completing my Art Foundation degree. It's not a particularly skilled study (it doesn't look much like me!) but looking at it made me remember how focussed I felt whilst painting it, absorbed in mixing colours and catching the light. We all painted together in this big studio, all facing the wall where our mirrors were pinned, so it was easy to forget where your were whilst painting.

Don't mind my mum's silly cat Otto, who decided to show off for the camera whilst I photographed.


  1. I feel the same when I see my old works :-s and my parents still have quite a few up round the house!

  2. I think we all feel the same way when looking at our old work. It is really nice to see how far you have gone and developped since then. This is why I have a few of my works that I have produced at school and at college still hidden in a big folder somewhere and I certainly dont plan on throwing them away. Perhaps that's why I barely look at them because if I did, I probably would bin most of it by now haha.

    As to your self portrait. It is stunning! I love the choice and range of different colours and the amount of paint you used so that we can see every brush stroke. I have always wanted to create something like this but never had the courage.