Friday, 30 December 2011

Watercolour Illustrations | Work from 2011

My Year in Paintings

First up, I've included some 'handmade type I painted for Dazed Digital. Technically, this was painted in 2010, but it was published for the new year, so I'm including it anyway! Was wonderful to work with such an influential publication.
Dazed Digital New Year Illustration

I've included my on-going obsession with collections, that I've painted throughout the year. I made a small body of work for the Yellowstone Art Boutique in Stoke-on-Trent, and below are a few of my favourites (available to buy as prints- sadly the originals are no longer in my possession!). It was a real highlight from my year to be involved with the gallery, and I really pushed myself to get the work done. I'd definitely like to do something similar in 2012.

Vintage Cutlery Collection

Salt & Pepper Shakers Through the Ages

Vintage Teacup Collection

Personal commissions. I completed a fair few personal commissions, mainly to be used as gifts for family, such as the below image, which was a painting for a mum's birthday. I really enjoy smaller projects, as you know you're creating something meaningful for your client, that they will keep with them. Never be afraid to approach me for  commission - I'd consider my prices to be rather reasonable, even if I say so myself!
'The Girls' Watercolour Chicken Piece

I also worked with a few small businesses this year. The only project to go to term is the below image (don't know if that says more about me or small business commissions!) This project was to produce an illustrated map of a luxury camping business's site, plus a bird's eye view of the layout of their canvas luxury tents. Was a really fun project - more illustrated map commissions please 2012!

The Dandelion Hideaway

I was featured on Form Fifty Five, Things Organized Neatly and Creative Journal, among others, this year. It's always so great when people find you of their own accord and blog your work. I was more than a little bit proud.

My work is featured in the AOI Images 35 Annual, and exhibited in the Images Exhibition in London.

Images 35 Exhibition

I produced two illustrations for Russian Good Food magazine....

I painted plenty of pet portraits - especially as Christmas crept up. I've had a great response from them, some lovely thank you emails and even thank you letters - which have made me so grateful I can paint and in turn make someone happy.


  1. Hi there, I love your watercolors of the everyday objects. Your art inspires me to learn watercolor!


  2. Such beautiful images. My friend loved the lip balms print I gave her for xmas, it suited her down to a t. xx

  3. Great stuff Holly :) Well done on such a great year, there's lots of achievements there! One day I will have a dining room (and therefore a reason to buy and hang your cutlery collection piece!)
    How did the AOI Images go? Do you think it was worthwhile entering etc?

  4. Bryony - I think it was a great opportunity, definitely worth entering. Lots of opportunity to sell prints at the exhibition too - especially if you're chosen to exhibit across the country!

  5. I love your work and I am officially inspired! Gracias!