Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Supporting Independent Shops This Christmas

Vintage heart decoration
My artwork in an Ikea frame (my one cheat!)
'Mother Exley's Bath Oil' & Christmas Scented Oil.
Silver & pottery hedgehog necklace. 
Vintage glass baubles & pottery bowls from Columbia Road.
Vintage tomato crate from ebay.
For me this Christmas was more about giving than receiving - maybe that means I'm getting old! - and I was really excited to give these gifts to my mum and sister. I shopped mainly online this year, as well as a successful trip to Columbia Road market in London. I was thrilled by the choice to be found on Etsy in particular, and got the lovely hedgehog necklace from here, the aromatherapy oils were from here, and I bought my sister some lovely bird nail transfers (not pictured) from here.

I think its lovely to support smaller and independent shop owners, especially during the busy shopping period, and there are many benefits to be had besides supporting small businesses, such as unique, handmade and extra special products, from trustworthy and creative people.

Where did you shop this Christmas? Has anyone found any shopping gems?

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  1. This might sound silly, but I adore your baubles. I have a thing for glass christmas decorations!