Thursday, 15 December 2011

Things to Remember as an Illustrator

After my previous post, and the slightly overwhelming (in a good way) response I received from my peers, I am cured of my negative attitude, and have decided to focus on the good things once again.

Without further adieu, a short list of happy thoughts to remind myself to keep on trucking:

1. Everything I do is a step forward.

I really feel this, especially when it comes to creating work, because even if I make a mistake, or it's a shitty painting, I've still been practicing, I've still been putting the hours into my craft, and that's whats so important in order to improve. It's not like that for every profession and so I'm grateful. The worst it can ever be is a waste of paper.

2. One day I will be happier.

There's always room for improvement isn't there?!

3. Good things come to those that wait.

Well, not wait exactly. More, persist. I look at what I'm doing now, and it's still with the same determination as I had back at uni, and yet I'd say around 85% of my class have stopped or disappeared. Illustrator Nicky O'Byrne told me something that keeps her going, is thinking how each year you persist, your competitors will start to lag. I hope that if I carry on putting work out, into the world, every now and again they'll be a place for it.

4. I can create work just for me.

Isn't it wonderful that I can take a brush, a paint pallet and some watercolour paper and get lost for a while? This is a very romantic idea, and I will say that sometimes I am bored whilst painting and just want to finish the damn thing, but a lot of the time I feel focused, calm, useful, challenged. It's such a joy.

5. Daydreaming IS a good use of time.

One of the few good things about being a hopeless artist, is my subsequent expertise in daydreaming.
Sometimes it even leads to ideas for new work!

6. There are things on this planet that encompass happiness.

They include, but are not limited to:

Animals - I'm talking rabbits (obviously), sausage dogs, scruffy dogs, silly dogs, whippet dogs, PIGS!, hamsters, cats, otters, lions, tigers and bears.

Food - chocolate, cheese twists, eggs benedict, jam.

Nature - muddy walks, mushrooms, animal burrows, tall trees, rolling hills.

Sleep - early nights.

Dancing - late nights.




When I'm feeling a bit downtrodden, a combination of the above will cheer me up.

Feel free to steal my happy thoughts - I want to steal yours! What keeps you creating new work? What helps you push forward when you're feeling negative?

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  1. You have a lovely list! I think I agree with all of them!
    But if I could add one or two it would be :

    - This is what I want to do! Yes I have bad moments, but who doesn't? And at least, I'm doing what makes me happy! Not a lot of people can say that these days! So, I remind myself how lucky I am to be able (to try) to do what I dream of!

    - People! It's always so amazing to receive a good feedback, it can be a little comment or a letter... I'm just thrilled that someone can like what I do!...

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Ooh yes, I like these! Adding them to my mental list. Thank you :)

  3. Hello! I've just come across your wonderful blog and work! I'd love it if you would follow my blog too and we can chat about art or even do an art swap one day :)


    Emma C