Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bunny Bath Time | Giving A Rabbit A Bath

These are some pictures I took giving HergĂ© her pre-Christmas-guests bath. She's always such a good girl when the time comes and stays very still, gripping my hand with her front paws - it's quite adorable really.

"I hate you mum."

Pointers for bathing a rabbit:

  • Never submerge a rabbit in water - they may go into shock, and this could prove fatal.
  • Test the water before adding rabbit - it should be luke-warm.
  • Hold the rabbit confidently and firmly - if you freak out she freaks out.
  • Introduce the rabbit to water slowly.
  • Keep a hold of the rabbit to avoid her slipping and causing herself injury.
  • Keep one half out of the water, perhaps holding the front legs and supporting her back.
  • Watch for signs your rabbit is over stressed.
  • Use minimum soap, and preferably sensitive or natural. Rinse throughly.
  • Run a few shallow baths, instead of a deep one.

To dry her, I use a towel or, if it's cold weather, I use a hairdryer on a low low heat about an arms length from her. It's important she's about 80% dry before I can let her be as she tends to sit around a lot, and could catch a chill.

  • Allow for a strop period of about an hour or so, then approach with treats and cuddles.