Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Books I Have Read Whilst Commuting

(Composed on the 18.29 to Barking)

There are so many negatives associated with a long commute. I personally spend just over three hours a day going to work and back, and let me tell you, it is not an enjoyable experience. But I don't want to dwell on the negatives (despite the fact there is a woman beside me tipping crisps into her mouth in the most annoying fashion) because my commute has allowed me an activity I usually save for holidays: reading.

I've just counted, in the three months since starting my job, I have read ten books. A neat little number, and typically the number I would read in a year.
I thought it would be fun to recommend a few of my favourites to fellow commuters. I hope you enjoy!

First up it's 'The Other Hand' by Chris Cleave...

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

This book was instantly absorbing- which happens to be my most sought after quality in a book, to escape for a little while. Chris Cleave writes so convincingly as Little Bee, the 16 year old Nigerian refugee, with a traumatic past and a shocking secret. She's a very likable character, and I felt instantly on her side as she made her way to safety. The twist in the novel is a good one, I doubt you'll guess it, and the storyline runs convincingly and at a gripping pace from start to finish. 
I wish I could talk about the ending - but I don't want to spoil it for you. I'll just say this: 'The Other Hand' will leave you with a satisfying sense of your own safety in this world, an appreciation of friendship, and an understanding of the sacrifices we're prepared to make for it. Worth a read!

I'm going to leave you with an embarrassed whisper:

*I started reading Eat Pray Love*

Actually, that's not where the embarrassment ends... 

*I've also seen the film.*
One more? Ok then.

 *With my mother.*

There. So now you know. I'd like to advise everyone against reading the book, especially if you are feeling at all cynical, because this book will bring it out in you, and, quite frankly, you'll end up feeling rather angry.
The film is one thing, because you get to watch Javier Bardem on a beach, with his enormous but somehow quite attractive head, which somewhat detracts from all the sickening "soul searching." With the book you have no such luxury. Yuck. A must NOT read.

It would be wonderful to hear your recommendations too! Please leave them in the comments section, and, if you're so inclined, a short description.

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  1. I am so glad to read this post (just stumbled on you the other day and have been making my way down your feed as time allows all week). I usually find myself having an aversion to hugely popular books, and Eat Pray Love was one of them. I thought it sounded TOO happy, and when I was finally convinced to see the movie, I knew I would hate the book. Sometimes things that are a little too uplifting just make me more depressed at how my own life does not match up. I nearly gave in and peeked inside at the overwhelming peer pressure, but I'm glad to hear you recommend against it, and I will stay strong!