Monday, 24 October 2011

Etsy Shop Has Launched!

I have now joined the wonderful world of etsy. It's quite addictive isn't it?!
I hope to build on this shop and am also taking requests for prints (or originals) which you can purchase through my shop.
All my prints are printed on high quality watercolour paper (Somerset Velvet Enhanced at 225gsm if you want to be technical) and have a lovely quality to them - they could be mistaken for originals which is quite unnerving! Each are signed and dated.
Keep an eye out for my 20% discount code, which I'm offering to a lucky few.

Ah yes...and visit the shop here!


  1. Shop looks lovely. Spotted at least 2 things that would be perfect xmas presents. xx

  2. These are all so wonderful and beautifully detailed.