Sunday, 23 October 2011

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Hello again.

Well, I certainly feel a bit rusty with this! I've had a few months adjusting to full time work as apposed to freelancing and interning- it's been a big change, but I'm determined to carry on with this blog. I feel quite attached to it, this blog has got me through my tricky year as a graduate, and I'd like to record where it takes me next.

Firstly, I've been pretty lucky in that I've had a few illustration jobs since starting my new job (in social media by the way) but it's one of those situations where I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about them just yet - isn't that annoying?! Let me just say, that I'm really excited by them, and can't wait to share.
Food Illustration for Russian Food Magazine (see here!)

Above is an illustration I completed for a Russian food magazine (don't ask me to translate their name to English - although if anyone can, I'd be interested to know!). It was a great little job, and FYI the Russian's seem to know how to pay their illustrators - English commissioners take note. It's for their October issue, and I hope to receive a copy of the magazine soon, which I will of course blog when I do.

From a little snoop around their website, it looks as though they have some pretty nice illustrations gracing their pages, and I feel very flattered that they found me and got in contact. I've had a few jobs and enquiries from overseas lately, and it's always very exciting. How did they find me?! It's strange I haven't had so much luck in the UK but I assume it's a much more overcrowded market.
AOI Images 35 Exhibition

My entry included in the Images Annual and the AOI exhibition

So, full time work. It's time consuming isn't it?!

Don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, and in an area I feel interested in and want to pursue, but it's hard when I have this darned passion for painting and being creative. I am going to try to keep my "day job" (it's more important than the phrase suggests) separate from this blog however, as I want this to remain my haven for all things creative.

Expect a few more posts from me this week - as I have a private view to attend AND I'm launching my etsy shop. Thank you for being patient (and any full timers with any tips on keeping up the creative stuff I would LOVE to hear from you!).


  1. Oh your illustrations are darling Holly! I love your style it's gorgeous! I think you're doing amazingly well especially considering you have a full time job, most of us would be far too tired to pick up a pencil or paintbrush!
    Excited to hear about your latest illustration projects! The biscuits look good enough to eat x

  2. Thanks Natasha :D Two words: Red Bull (!)