Monday, 27 June 2011

Illustrated Map & Floor Plan

Hello lovely people. I thought I would share with you some work I produced for The Dandelion Hideaway. This was an enjoyable project and the hideaway has a wonderful website, I'm very happy to have my work be a part of it. Sorry this is such a brief update, especially in comparison to my last posts, but I haven't really been feeling myself lately. I very very much appreciate the comments I've received from my posts though. It's certainly an ongoing debate, and I'm not entirely sure what the solution is, but it was so therapeutic to write it all down, have a little vent - and find out I'm not alone! So, I'd like to say a big thank you for all your thoughtful and insightful comments.


  1. Beautiful! Especially love the trees :)

  2. You are very talented.....these are just beautiful. I've not felt like myself for about a month now. I know how you feel. Its good to vent and I am a good listener if you ever want to talk :)