Sunday, 5 June 2011

A collection of things that remind me of you.

This is something I painted for a friend of mine for her birthday. I'm still very much obsessed with collections and I think its interesting to how objects mean different things to different people. I'd say most artistically inclined people take a particular interest in the material world, as its a good source for inspiration and its important to be surrounded by things that inspire you in order to create. Theres nothing more lovely than wandering round a vintage market picking up trinkets and lost mementoes for example- I'm definitely the nostalgic type!

From left to right: rasberry, rasberry leaf, fine liner pen, gold necklace, spanish stamp, harribo ring, emerald, Lolita novel, birthday candle, silver spoon, New York flight tag, christmas cake decoration, violets.

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful response I had to my previous blog post. I appreciate it was more of a rant than any of my other posts have been, but it was nice to be more personal with my followers and say what I really think. Part two is still to come - there are still far too many things wrong with the Illustration world!

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