Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Collections - Star Wars Weaponry

Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Every fortnight I will be announcing a new theme, and updating you with new work and related posts. For the this fortnight, I've gone with a theme most artists have some sort of an obsession with: collections. Above is a painting I made for my boyfriend for Christmas. He's a big Star Wars fan and general sci fi geek, and I wanted to make him something to hang on the wall of his new flat. It took AGES to complete, as I know next to nothing about Star Wars and spent days sourcing reference photos to work from. I've since been sheepishly told by my boyfriend that the guns are not all correctly named...but I think that adds to its charm...right? 


  1. this is awesome, really really awesome, lots of people would buy a print of this i'm sure!

  2. I agree, be good to try to sell this as a print. Don't know how you manage to keep such a steady hand!

  3. You are so skilled, I love it! and yes, it definitely does add charm.