Thursday, 23 September 2010

Turkey (frogs) Legs

These are some little commissions I've done recently. The first one relates to the commissioner's christmas a few years ago when the family were away from home. They decided to buy a turkey to kill and eat for a home from home Christmas dinner- only to discover they had cooked the skinniest turkey known to man! Et voila, a weight conscious turkey bird. The second is another in-joke piece depicting the relationship between a french lady (a frog) and an english man (roast beef).
In other news I am now busy working the restaurant as winter approaches. I shall barely have time to breathe as Christmas creeps closer, let alone paint, but I WILL try! These little commissions keep my hands in practice and remind me what I want to do with my life...ultimately. But for now, I wait tables.

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  1. don't wait tables much longer, these are genial