Wednesday, 1 September 2010

100 Voices Magazine

I haven't blogged for a while- but don't think thats because I've been sitting on my hands! I have NOT! It's actually been a pretty hard few months. I've moved away from my beloved London, and have struggled and struggled to find work. Now, I am a waitress in a lovely restaurant in Bristol and when I'm not building on my 'live in london fund' I am painting painting painting. It really is tough out there! I am away from the safe bubble of university and its quite scary.
Also since becoming a 'tweeter' I am shocked and amazed at the sheer amount of talented illustrators out there, and most are just like me, holding down a day job and frantically creating in the spare hours.
ANYWAY, heres a recent success for me- publication! This is a magazine aimed at students and specifically about money, which is ironic really, considering I probably have less money than my audience!
It was a fun job, one of my first real tastes of what a commission can be like- challenging, quick and rewarding. MORE PLEASE.

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