Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fashion Is Not Really My Thing...

...but I thought I'd try a quick fashion illustration anyhow. I actually quite like this... the colours, the patterned skirt...but maybe thats purely because I like the collection. This rather beautiful outfit was by Christopher Kane. You can also see this illustration on Nothing Bad Magazine's blog here.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Turkey (frogs) Legs

These are some little commissions I've done recently. The first one relates to the commissioner's christmas a few years ago when the family were away from home. They decided to buy a turkey to kill and eat for a home from home Christmas dinner- only to discover they had cooked the skinniest turkey known to man! Et voila, a weight conscious turkey bird. The second is another in-joke piece depicting the relationship between a french lady (a frog) and an english man (roast beef).
In other news I am now busy working the restaurant as winter approaches. I shall barely have time to breathe as Christmas creeps closer, let alone paint, but I WILL try! These little commissions keep my hands in practice and remind me what I want to do with my life...ultimately. But for now, I wait tables.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Gabriel's Making Pizza!

Gabriel's Book Of Recipes

This is a birthday present I made for my boyfriend that I thought I'd share with you. Ever since we came back from our holiday to Italy he's been saying he wants to learn how to cook pizza, prompting me to create yet another 'holly-made' present. I researched pizza recipes and added references to his love of sci-fi and other personal touches, all hand-bound, hand-drawn and hand-writen. Luckily he was delighted with it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Wrapping Paper!

This was my submission to Wrap Magazine which is being released around christmas time. Sadly I wasn't picked. They said:
"We really enjoyed seeing your work, but I'm afraid it wasn't selected to be printed in Wrap. We had over 140 really strong entries and it was a tough decision picking the final 11 to be printed."
Which is just the way it goes I suppose. I'll just try again.

Little project for Sketchbook Magazine

Some work for SketchBook Magazine that will be in their next rather marvellous 'The Editor's Choice' issue, issue number 3. Here I illustrated the work and path editor Paul De Zwart took to produce Alef Magazine, a magazine celebrating modern middle eastern culture without the pretence of a westernised view. The illustrations had to have a slight fantastical element to them, as the story of the editor was a slightly fantastical one, focusing on his uncovering of middle eastern culture.
I'm STILL not sure what I think of them, mainly because I was forbidden to use my beloved paint box, and instead used ink. It certainly was a challenging brief!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

100 Voices Magazine

I haven't blogged for a while- but don't think thats because I've been sitting on my hands! I have NOT! It's actually been a pretty hard few months. I've moved away from my beloved London, and have struggled and struggled to find work. Now, I am a waitress in a lovely restaurant in Bristol and when I'm not building on my 'live in london fund' I am painting painting painting. It really is tough out there! I am away from the safe bubble of university and its quite scary.
Also since becoming a 'tweeter' I am shocked and amazed at the sheer amount of talented illustrators out there, and most are just like me, holding down a day job and frantically creating in the spare hours.
ANYWAY, heres a recent success for me- publication! This is a magazine aimed at students and specifically about money, which is ironic really, considering I probably have less money than my audience!
It was a fun job, one of my first real tastes of what a commission can be like- challenging, quick and rewarding. MORE PLEASE.